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Urban MilkShuttle

Well-thought-out – This is where the fun starts!

  • Excellent traction

    The long wheel base and the low centre of gravity lets you move the MilkShuttle even in rough terrain without danger of tipping over. Since the MilkShuttle has a three-wheel design, it is very manoeuverable and has excellent traction - even when the ground is slushy and when travelling over ice and snow.

  • Two-stage agitator

    Two-stage agitator for fresh milk or calf milk replacer (CMR) (700 or 1400 rpm, 0.37 kW). When using milk replacer, the high-speed agitator ensures the milk powder is mixed quickly and without clumps. When using whole milk, the fresh milk to be fed is treated gently by the slow speed of the agitator. There are no sealing problems because the motor is installed at the top.

  • Integrated heater

    The integrated heater ensures the feed has the optimal temperature. An interval timer for the agitator prevents the milk from burning.

  • Straightforward arrangement

    The control panel has a straightforward arrangement and is extremely easy to use.It provides a quick overview of all important data, such as the set-point and actual temperature of the milk, the operating times for the stirring intervals or the charge condition of the battery.

  • Height-adjustable handle

    The ergonomic, height-adjustable handle of the drawbar head has two separate speed and direction controllers arranged to the right and left. This lets the operator walk on the left or right of the MilkShuttle while dosing out. A manual brake is not necessary because the Shuttle simply remains standing even on steep slopes when the controller is released. The feed portion can be dosed out by the lever of the pump nozzle, or also expeditiously by using the switch at the drawbar head.

  • Lockable lid

    Lockable lid with seal which prevents the milk from spilling over. In the container, the indestructible quantity scale serves to reliably read the liquid quantity.

  • Pump nozzle

    Ergonomically shaped pump nozzle for issuing feed. A quantity can be either pre-selected or tapped in the manner of a petrol pump.

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